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As I explained in Cruise Line Support Mass Murder of Whales in Faroe Islands, the local residents of the Faroe Islands massacre around 1,000 pilot whales a year.But these are not far-out-at-sea murders by huge Japanese ships away from civilization.Many other newspapers in Europe are also carrying the disturbing images, like the Independent, Daily Mail, and the Metro.All of the major cruise lines still cruise to ports in the Faroes and profit by selling sell shore excursions to their guests.Photo credit: WPTV (2012 noro outbreak); Royal Caribbean crew members (anonymous crew member).The tourist board of the Faroe Islands blocked me from accessing its Twitter page "Visit Faroe Islands" (@Visit Faroe) a couple of years ago after I pointed out that the cruise industry still sails its ships there despite the cruel tradition of slaughtering hundreds of pilot whales a year.Read: Why Do the Cruise Lines Always Blame the Passengers When Norovirus Breaks Out?

With this the sea turns bright red with blood." Mother whales are gutted and their baby whales ripped out.

Are different food sources and food handling techniques a more reasonable explanation? The CDC doesn't have time to determine the source of the norovirus outbreak (sick food handlers versus contaminated food or water or a sick passenger) so it is of no help.